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Associations_between_metabolic_and_inflammatory_changes.pdf.png2018Associations between metabolic and inflammatory changes in obese middle-age men after 24 weeks of combined trainingDuft, Renata G.; Bonfante, Ivan L. P.; Castro, Alex; Brunelli, Diego T.; Mikahil, Mara Patricia T. C.; Cavaglieri, Claudia R.
Different_expression_tones_of_central_and_peripheral.pdf.png2018Different expression tones of central and peripheral endocannabinoids levels in overweight and obese miceWang, Ru; Qin, Yang; Qianqian, Tian; Shunli, Sun; Wei, Liu; Xiangdong, Sun; Na, Li
Increased_macrophage_infiltration.pdf.png2018Increased macrophage infiltration and TNF-α levels in the adipose tissue of obese Zucker rats after habitual exercise-induced stressMartín-Cordero, L; Francisco-Morcillo, J; Cintas, R; Gálvez, I; Ortega, E
Obesidade ante et post cirurgia.pdf.png2014Obesidade ante et post cirurgiaSilva, Marlene; Padez, Cristina
Uma perspectiva antropologica da obesidade.pdf.png2000Uma perspectiva antropológica da obesidadePadez, Cristina
Self-reported_moderate-high_intensity_physical_activity.pdf.png2018Self-reported moderate-high intensity physical activity does not reduce inflammatory markers in overweight/ obese individualsCardenas, Maria; Levitt, Michael; Steck, Kara; Orr, Kaci; Kreutzer, Andreas; Phillips, Melody D.
β2_adrenergic_regulation_of_the_phagocytic_activity.pdf.png2018β2 adrenergic regulation of the phagocytic activity of monocytes in obese mice: effect of an acute intense exerciseMartín-Cordero, L; Gálvez, I; Álvarez-Barrientos, A; Ortega, E
β2_adrenergic_regulation_of_the_phagocytic_activity_of_peritoneal_macrophages.pdf.png2018β2 adrenergic regulation of the phagocytic activity of peritoneal macrophages in obese mice: effect of an acute intense exerciseGálvez, I; Martín-Cordero, L; Álvarez-Barrientos, A; Ortega, E
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8