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Annals of Research in Sport and Physical Activity : [191]

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The present volume of the journal of the Coimbra Network of Sport Sciences marks a re-orientation in our editorial policy, according to the decisions of the majority of the network members. Our ambitions are grounded on several goals: a) to stabilize the editing responsabilities, leading to a regular publication of two issues per year; b) to raise the level of the scientific research through a careful refereeing process; c) to expose the young researchers of our universities to the criticism of a senior editorial board; d) to open the network to other partners and contributions; e) to encourage the opinions of our senior researchers about important actual topics. These intentions don’t mean a rupture with our past. When Francisco Sobral and his colleagues launched the network, they thought primarily about the cooperation among people from diverse institutions and cultures that should allow a fruitful interaction of students, teachers and ideas. As time goes by, the need of scientific outcomes ready for the academic community became more present and urgent, and here lies the motive of the present changes in the journal organization. But Francisco Sobral’s original ideal is still alive and operative, urging us to consider this publication as a mean to foster scientic publication but not the final limit of a network of people. We managed to gather in the Editorial Board a number of high quality experient researchers from Europe, North and South America, and Australia. The group with supported by referees specialized in all the areas that integrate sport and exercise sciences, matching international standards for scientific peer revisions. This is a very important issue for our post-graduate students that wish to do research and to publish.

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