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978-989-26-0884-6_6.pdf.png2014Analysis of firebrand release on the spot fire mechanismAlmeida, Miguel; Viegas, Domingos; Raposo, Jorge
978-989-26-0884-6_72.pdf.png2014Analysis of fire hazard in camping park areasAlmeida, Miguel; Azinheira, José Raul; Barata, Jorge; Bousson, Kouamana; Ervilha, Rita; Martins, Marta; Moutinho, Alexandra; Pereira, José Carlos; Pinto, João Caldas; Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Silva, Jorge; Viegas, Domingos Xavier
978-989-26-0884-6_8.pdf.png2014Analysis of the jump fire produced by the interaction of two oblique fire fronts: Comparison between laboratory and field casesRaposo, Jorge; Viegas, Domingos X.; Xie, Xiaodong; Almeida, Miguel; Naian, Liu
978-989-26-0884-6_117.pdf.png2014Assessment and management of cascading effects triggering forest firesGarcia-Aristizabal, Alexander; Almeida, Miguel; Aubrecht, Christoph; Polese, Maria; Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Viegas, Domingos; Zuccaro, Giulio
Effect_of_canyons_on_a_fire.pdf.png2018Effect of canyons on a fire propagating laterally over slopesRodrigues, André; Viegas, Domingos Xavier; Abouali, Abdelrahman; Raposo, Jorge; Almeida, Miguel; Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Yuan, Xieshang
978-989-26-0884-6_26.pdf.png2014Fire spread across a fuel break in a ridgeRaposo, Jorge; Viegas, Domingos; Almeida, Miguel; Crissantu, Illenia; Salis, Michel
Modelling_of_junction_fires_with_analytical.pdf.png2018Modelling of junction fires with analytical and numerical analysis of the phenomenaRaposo, Jorge; Viegas, Domingos; Abouali, Abdelrahman; Rodrigues, André; Almeida, Miguel; André, Jorge; Xie, Xiaodong
Modelling_of_the_rate_of_fire_spread.pdf.png2018Modelling of the rate of fire spread in heterogeneous fuel beds based on experimental dataAlmeida, Miguel; Viegas, Domingos Xavier; Mendonça, Filipe; Fois, Cinzia; Lopes, Abel
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8